After apocalyptic events claim the lives of his wife and son, and bring civilization to a standstill John retreats to an isolated mountain shelter in the remote Scottish highlands to live in austere survival. When his water supply becomes contaminated John must venture beyond his isolated retreat, and when he breaks into an abandoned farmhouse he discovers there are other survivors living there, a young couple about to have their first child. With supplies running low, in this bleak environment, the imminent arrival of the baby offers a glimmer of hope for the future, and an opportunity for John to reconnect himself with humanity. The film has received awards for Best Actor (Michael Power) and Best Production design from Portsmouth International Film Festival, as well as nominations for Best Actor, Cinematography and Production Design at the Southampton Film Festival, and a nomination for Best Drama at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. Funded by RTÉ/Filmbase

Film Credits

Bob Gallagher
Jenny Moylan, Alex Fegan
Michael Power, Sam Keeley

More Information

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Country: Ireland
Language: English
Duration: 28 min
Genres: Drama


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