"A joy from start to finish, The Irish Pub takes a place amongst a list of the best documentaries I have ever seen" - RTÉ

The Irish Pub is a celebration of the greatest institution in Irish society: the pub. Or, more specifically, the Irish men and women who own them. The characters featured come from long family lines of pub owners. Their hilarious and captivating stories take us into the heart of the Irish pub, and give us a glimpse into what it means to be Irish.

The film won numerous awards, including Best Film at the London Irish Film Festival and the Audience Award at The Windows on Europe Film Festival. It premiered in the USA at the Savannah International Film Festival.

It was released theatrically in Ireland/UK by Element Pictures Distribution and also played theatrically in the US/Canada and Australia before selling to Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Directed by Alex Fegan

Funded by Screen Ireland

Film Credits

Alex Fegan
Aileen O'Carroll
Alex Fegan
Willie Aherne
Liam Aherne
Bobby Blackwell
Ray Blackwell
Tom Breen

More Information

The Irish Pub Logo
Country: Ireland
Language: English, Irish
Released:4 October 2013
Duration: 76 min
Genres: Documentary

The Irish Pub

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